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We make giving easy.

There are many ways to give and get involved with the Foundation.   

We make giving easy. There are a variety of donation options available, including the fastest, which is clicking right here:

Donate to St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors

In addition, our Foundation professionals can work with you to create a giving strategy that meets your personal, family, financial and community philanthropic goals.

  • Outright gifts of cash or stock – a simple and unrestricted way to support seniors today.
  • Tribute or memorial gifts – a gift to honor a special person in your life or in lieu of flowers at someone’s death.
  • Endowment giving –a gift that will continue to help others in the future.  Endowments create a fund which will permanently support a program or the general purpose of the Charitable Foundation.  An Endowment may be created during your lifetime or after your death.
  • The St. Andrew’s Legacy Society – a gift which is set up now, but which will take place later, qualifies you to become a member of our Legacy Society. Generally, a gift of this type names the St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation in your will or trust agreement, and can be a fixed dollar amount or a simple % of your assets.
  • Named Beneficiary - consider naming the St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation as the beneficiary of an asset, such as a CD, your IRA or a life insurance policy.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities – a way to increase your income and benefit St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation at the same time.  By making a gift of cash or property, you can receive a fixed tax advantaged annuity payment each year for life.  Following your death, the property passes to the Foundation.

Please contact us at (314) 726-0111 for more information on giving strategies.